My Advice

My advice, your own way

You as an individual are central! No standard advice or strict diet, but advice that fits your personal circumstances and lifestyle.  During my advice, I take into account your health and your wishes. Together with your personal input, questions and motivation, we arrive at tailor-made advice.

First consultation:
The first visit takes approximately 60 minutes. During this conversation, I ask questions about the reason (s) of your arrival, your personal wishes, your eating habits, any medication, medical background and living conditions. This extensive intake is necessary for good, tailor-made advice. In conclusion, we draw up a treatment plan tailored to your situation and we discuss the follow-up of your guidance.

Follow-up consultations:
These last 15-25 minutes. In the follow-up consultations, we will discuss the implementation of your plans and the introduction of advice into your lifestyle.

Final consultation:
Here we jointly look back on the treatment and look into the future.

Home visit: If you are physically unable to come to the practice, I can also visit you at home. This is only possible on the medical indication of your (family) doctor. The costs for the home visit are then reimbursed.

Telephone and e-mail consultation
Both telephone and e-mail consultations can be part of the supervision.

As a dietitian, I have medical professional secrecy and I adhere to the legal requirements regarding personal registration. Everything you discuss with me will be treated confidentially. The referrer receives a written report at the beginning and at the end of the treatment.

Terms and Conditions

These general terms and conditions form part of every agreement between the dietitian and his / her client regarding treatment and/or the provision of services and/or goods.

The client is understood to mean all patients, clients or other natural and legal persons, or their legal representatives who call in the dietician’s service.

If the client is unable to be present on the agreed date and time, he / she must inform the dietician of this as soon as possible.

Appointments that are not canceled at least 24 hours in advance will be charged. No exception is made for illness.

Cancellation must be done in person or by telephone, possibly recorded on the answering machine, or by e-mail.

Dietetics is included in the basic insurance for 3 hours per calendar year.

In some cases, additional hours of dietetics are included in an additional policy.

Dietitian practice Marije van Dun uses the rates for dietetics as agreed with the health insurers. There is also a surcharge for home visits, regardless of travel distance and travel time.

Terminating treatment
The client can terminate the agreement at any time, provided that the dietitian has been informed in writing 48 hours before an appointment has been made. You can also indicate this during the consultation itself.

The dietitian can terminate the agreement if the dietitian’s expectations do not lead to the desired results. The dietitian informs the patient / client in time if the dietitian foresees such a situation.

Payment and declarations
In addition to the provisions of Article 3, the dietitian will, if possible, declare the costs to the health insurer. If this is not possible, the client will receive an invoice. In that case, the client himself owes payment with a payment term of 14 days. 

Lack of payment
In the absence of payment within the specified period, the client is in default without further notice of default being required. As long as the client fails to meet his / her obligations, all costs related to the collection of the relevant claim will be charged to the client. These costs explicitly include the costs for collection by a collection agency and legal costs.

Unless explicitly proven to the contrary, the administrative details of the dietitian are binding with regard to the accuracy of what the client owes.

The dietitian advice is by its nature result-oriented without guaranteeing that result. The dietitian excludes any liability with regard to damage or injury arising from or in connection with the client’s follow-up of advice provided by the dietitian, unless there is intent or gross negligence on the part of the dietitian.

Dietitian practice Marije van Dun makes every effort to provide good care and to organize everything carefully.