Do you lose weight by detoxing?

Lose weight with detoxification

Many people get stuck on the fact that losing weight is no longer possible. They eat super healthy, take nothing that is not healthy and yet the weight remains the same. That causes frustration and the tendency to start taking unhealthy things again. Which is logical because it does not motivate you to continue like this. 
This is particularly common after the age of 30.

It really makes sense

What many people do not know is that there is often a reason that losing weight is not possible! Most people who want to lose weight have become overweight by eating a lot of sugars and / or processed food. The problem with that kind of “food” is not only that you get it, but it also depletes your liver. Someone who is healthy and who only gets healthy food all his life will have no problems with the functioning of the liver. But the person probably isn’t overweight either …

If you have periods in which you eat less healthily, as is sometimes the case with everyone, and for a longer period, then your liver runs overtime. The liver cannot handle the number of toxins and the excess of “toxins” is stored as fat.

And now?

To have a properly functioning liver you need some patience. What has been built up over a long period has not been straightened out in just one week! Leave for at least a month or 2 sugars and processed food and you will be rewarded in the long term! At the start you may experience some withdrawal symptoms. This can be tiredness or grumpy but also nausea and headache. This indicates how “addicted” your body has already become to the sugars. Also not surprising because it is found in about 70% of the “food” in the average supermarket. Push it through and look forward to the moment that your liver has recovered so that you lose weight and that you feel full of energy again. Because a detox cure certainly has an effect on that. So double benefits for your effort!

Can’t it be faster?

Properly adjusting your food yourself is a way to calm and cleanse your liver. Another way is a detox or detox cure. This makes it faster and you give yourself a reset, as it were.

The detox cure that we offer here is a combination of 2 things, on the one hand you get menus for the entire day for 2 weeks, so that you already learn to make different combinations that you can also add to your diet afterward. And on the other hand you also get going for 3 days with green smoothies which makes the detoxification process a lot faster.

Of course, during the detox period, you also lose weight and then continue with a healthy diet immediately, losing weight is a lot faster.

How does it work?

If you follow this detox treatment you will automatically get access to the members’ environment. This contains the entire detox course of 14 days completely worked out. The member environment is full of recipes, tips, shopping lists and more what you need for these 14 days. The first 7 days you get started with healthy meals that ensure that you will already detox something. This is meant to allow your body to get used to the detox process. Do not underestimate this because many people immediately experience how different it feels in terms of energy when you live without sugars and processed food. On days 8, 9 and 10 you eat five green smoothies in one day (so you don’t have to be hungry!) And on days 11 to 14 you rebuild your food.

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